UPDATE: Police have confirmed they are investigating a violent street fight in Rockville last week.

Darling Downs Toowoomba City Patrol Inspector Sharee Cumming said police had responded to reports of a large brawl in Festival St last Thursday.

"Police are dealing with a number of residents in the area to deal with a number of ongoing neighbourhood disputes," she said.

"We will continue to engage with people in the surrounding areas to ensure community safety."

It is understood police continue to actively engage with the community, and charges have been investigated in relation to the incident.

The brawl in Festival St, Toowoomba.
The brawl in Festival St, Toowoomba.

Insp. Cumming said police condemned all forms of street violence and would not tolerate outbreaks of fighting.

"We take a hard line view on that and there is no excuse for people taking to the streets in a violent manger," she said.

"We encourage people that, if they do have those disputes, to either mediate it - and there are certainly a number of ways to do that - and if they are not satisfied from that, talk to police rather than resort to violence."
Insp. Cumming urged anyone with information with regards to the disputes to contact police.

"Frontline officers are dealing very closely with a number of residents that were involved on that particular day, and we will continue to engage with them," she said.

EARLIER: A street brawl in Rockville has been caught on video and published online.

The two video clips show a large group of people clash on Festival St on May 5, with what appears to be about three main instigators.

Filmed though a screened door, the first of the two videos lasts two minutes.

It shows two separate groups meet in the middle of the street with people yelling abuse and swearing at each other.

The largely verbal dispute then descends into punches being thrown between two people while about 30 people watch on, some filming the fight.

After a handful of punches are thrown, the group then appears to break up with the two parties going their separate ways while still hurling abuse at each other.

A second brawl then breaks out between two people while others attempt to intervene.

The second video, which lasts about a minute, shows a second brawl involving the same people but inside a Festival St home.

The person recording the video can be heard saying police have driven past the altercation but didn't stop.

More punches are thrown before a marked police squad car arrives and appears to break up the incident at which point the video ends.

Toowoomba police have been contacted for comment.

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