Waleed Aly calls out Andrew Bolt in climate change pitch

WALEED Aly has taken aim at Australia's highest-profile climate skeptic Andrew Bolt -- and his graphs -- as he called on the government to take more decisive action on climate change.

In his "Something We Should Talk About" segment on Channel Ten's The Project, Mr Aly targeted the diesel rebates given to the resources and farming industry, costing taxpayers more than $6 billion a year.

In Paris, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull might have promised $1 billion over five years to fight climate change, but Mr Aly questioned the PM's decision not to dump fuel subsidies.

The Walkley-award winning presenter acknowledged it would put the PM in a tough spot politically.

The crescendo of Mr Aly's piece-to-camera was the shout out to Mr Bolt, the conservative News Limited columnist who also hosts a show on Ten.

Mr Aly's clip cuts to Mr Bolt repeatedly describing "no real warming" in the climate, based on a graph he shows on screen.

"Let me nip this in the bud, Andrew Bolt, before you launch into your whole 'but it has stopped warming' line that you've been running for the last few years," Aly said.

"This is Carl Mears, the guy whose graph you keep using. We tracked him down, he has a message for you."

Mr Mears then says that it is "pretty clear that the globe has warmed over the last 18 years".

"When you do real science you can't just use the data sets that fit your pre-drawn conclusions, but you really need to look at all the data together," Mr Mears said.

Mr Aly ends by calling on Australia to stop denying climate change, and to face it, just as it had to face the closure of its car industry.

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