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Warwick bar worker loses job during Charleville court hearings

A Warwick bar worker has lost his job after being wound up in court cases in Charleville, and has been given a slew of punishments by the magistrate after stealing alcohol and riding an unregistered quad bike on designated roads.

An onlooker was filming Christopher Lee Ryan, 33, riding the quad bike through the Charleville Hospital carpark on December 1, 2020 without a helmet, and later handed the footage to police, the Magistrates Court heard on March 9.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Caroline Boodnikoff told the court he took two cartons of 24-can Bundaberg Rum and Cola from a local pub at 12.05pm on January 29.

He only paid for one of them before leaving.

“That was reported to police and he was identified through CCTV footage,” Sergeant Boodnikoff said.

Solicitor Chelsea Saldumbide told the court that even though Ryan rode the quad bike through the hospital carpark, he got off and pushed it on the streets he crossed.

“There’s no question he has an unenviable traffic history,” Ms Saldumbide told the court.

“He instructs that both of the main roads... he pushed the quad bike across those roads and then he jumped back on.

“There were no attempts to conceal his identity on that motorbike,” she said because Ryan wasn’t wearing a helmet.

She also told the court Ryan was intoxicated when he went to the bottle shop, and he’s happy to pay restitution.

Ryan has previously worked at the Charleville meatworks but later took up employment at a Southern Downs licenced premises, the court heard.

“As a result of the extended period out here in relation to his court matters, is that unfortunately he’s lost his employment at Warwick,” Ms Saldumbide said.

Magistrate Peter Saggers said Ryan’s pushing it fine because he was on a suspended jail sentence.

“When you’re on... a suspended jail sentence, for disqualified driving, you don’t want to keep pushing the envelope,” he said.

Magistrate Saggers explained to Ryan that a lot of roads in Charleville are designated roads, even if they don’t initially appear to be.

Ryan pleaded guilty to disqualified driving, not wearing a motorbike helmet, driving an unregistered vehicle, driving an uninsured vehicle, and stealing.

He $1250 worth of fines, ordered to pay $90 compensation for the stolen rum, disqualified from driving for two years, and had a conviction recorded.

His suspended jail sentence was extended by three months because Magistrate Saggers thought it unjust to activate it during the circumstances.

The suspended sentence will last until April 2022.

“On the stealing, that’s got to stop. That dodgy stuff has got to end,” Magistrate Saggers said.

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