DON'T STOP THE SEARCH: Julie Weston offers her tips for landing the job.
DON'T STOP THE SEARCH: Julie Weston offers her tips for landing the job. Bianca Hrovat

Warwick business insiders' best tips for jobseekers

HELP is here for the hundreds of Warwick residents pounding the pavement for a pay cheque, as local business owners and managers reveal how to make the job search work for you.

There were 443 unemployed residents as of the last census, placing the Rose City 1.7 per cent lower than the state average.

If your attempts to work are hardly working, a selection of local business owners and managers have offered their two cents.

Apply in person

Make a good first impression by handing your resume in directly.

These first few moments are crucial for Go Vita manager Shari Mayne who said a little bit of eye contact and a handshake can go a long way.

"When you drop in your resume, offer the manager a little bit of time with you,” she said.

"A lot of people breeze in, drop their resume off and they don't stick around.

"They're probably nervous which is understandable, but you've got to be prepared to put yourself out there and show some confidence.”

A phone call enquiring about a job, without a follow-up visit, can ruin an applicants chances at Hair Together and True Beauty, according to owner Julie Weston.

"They need to come in as well,” she said.

"In this industry I need to see they can look the part.

"One lady came in with just a tracksuit on, looking grubby, and that's just not on.”

Show interest in the industry

A little research goes a long way when it comes to a job application.

Every person employed by Ms Mayne demonstrated a keen interest in the health food industry that set them apart from their competitors.

"They all showed they were passionate about health food and health care,” she said.

"They were keen on trying new products and new ideas.”

Dress the part

Whether you're applying for a job at a beauty salon or a bar, it's important to look the part.

Owner and manager of Hair Together and True Beauty Julie Weston said she was shocked by the number of people that turned up to the salon dressed inappropriately.

"One girl came in for a job and she wore a skin tight midriff top,” she said.

"If they have dirty hair or too much skin showing, it's a no from me.”

At business such as the Horse and Jockey or Rose City Fruits employers simply look for cleanliness.

"It helps you to get a feel for them when you see them,” Rose City Fruits manager Justin van Twest said.

Be engaged during the interview

During an interview, the manager of the Horse and Jockey Benita Kelly said an applicant checked her phone for messages while she was speaking with her.

"I know they can be nervous when they come in,” she said.

"But you've got to have the right attitude.”

Ms Weston said asking questions during the interview process was key to making a good impression.

"If somebody just sits there and doesn't ask questions or just won't talk that will sort of do it for me,” she said.

"It makes me feel as though they're not interested in the position.”

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