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Warwick business owners are taking the challenge

A COUPLE of Warwick businesses are already right behind the plan to find 100 jobs for unemployed youth in Warwick by Christmas.

Andrew Williams, from Elders Real Estate, said he had already received three or four resumes.

"We're looking for someone to start in the new year on a traineeship or as a PA and this incentive seemed like such a great opportunity for business owners," he said.

"Darryl (Evans) rang to tell me about it and we're checking it all out to make sure things are sorted from our end.

"I've sent the info on to my key clients and already we're looking at maybe another two or three positions available through that.

"If we can get as many young people into jobs it'll be fantastic for the local community."

Mr Andrews encouraged all business owners to look into the Youth Boost funding.

"Pass it around your networks, you'll see there's a lot of benefits and not much that can go wrong with it," he said.

"It's a fantastic initiative and good on Darryl for pushing this along.

"From what I understand various businesses around town have indicated interest, so that's about 12 to 15 positions available already."

Another business owner excited about the challenge is Wayne Lister, from Lister Irrigation.

"I heard about it through Darryl, I didn't know about the funding and think it's just fantastic," he said.

"So we spoke to Tweak HR, a local recruitment firm and started advertising for someone.

"From an employers point of view there is little risk and by the time the 12 months is up you've got a skilled and experience staff member."

Mr Lister said if young people are engaged and employed they feel like they're contributing to the community.

"We're advertising and don't care if the applicants are male or female; we just want someone who is keen and we can't wait to give a young person the opportunity," he said.

"If we can get 100 jobs, even just for the year, it'll be such a boost for the community.

"It can be really tough to find a job in Warwick, that's why it's such a great initiative, great reward with little risk."

Today, Jackie Robertson from the Frog and Swallow Cafe in Allora has also started to advertise for a junior who fits the eligibility for the Youth Boost funding.

The position is for 24 hrs a week while the successful applicant completes a Cert III in cafe operations traineeship.

The position will start in mid January 2017 and only those with a passion for the industry and who are willing to meet the commitment will be considered.

Interested parties can apply with resume and covering letter to

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