Children are being exposed to drug scenes in Warwick
Children are being exposed to drug scenes in Warwick FotoMaximum

Warwick children exposed to drug scenes, arrests

A WARWICK detective is telling the town to clean up its act, after seeing the disturbing reality of young children living in homes riddled with dirty needles and dangerous amphetamines.

The shocking scenes were exposed during drug raids in Warwick this week.

In two days and four raids, the Warwick Criminal Investigation Branch charged seven residents with a list of drug offences.

CIB Detective Sergeant Darren Tamblyn said what he saw yesterday and Wednesday, in entering the homes of these alleged drug users was disturbing.

"This is your town Warwick, this is everyone's town, and these people are behaving in a disgusting manner," he said.

"We went to houses where there were kids and needles and amphetamines, and it was a mess."

During one of the raids, a recently harvested hydroponic marijuana operation was discovered on a street not a block from a popular Warwick park.

"There would have been 30 cannabis plants in there at some stage," Det Sgt Tamblyn said.

"We found it non-operable at the time and it will be alleged the male admitted to owning it."

A 34-year-old Warwick man was charged with one count each of producing, possessing and supplying dangerous drugs, as well as posessing property in connection to the supply of drugs, for the PVC piping, transformers and equipment that made up the operation.

In subsequent raids, an 18-year-old woman, her 25-year-old partner and 46-year-old man all sharing a home in the Warwick CBD were charged with possessing and supplying dangerous drugs.

Police also found in one of the homes a 23-year-old Warwick man wanted on two warrants, who allegedly ran from police when spotted by officers.

A number of crews chased him in broad daylight near Grafton St, and he was eventually arrested, and will appear in Warwick Magistrates Court today.

Det Sgt Tamblyn said each of the raids was in response to information passed on to police by the public, and every tip off, regardless of how small, could lead to a bust.

"We appreciate all the information coming in," he said.

"I think we need to get it out there, someone that knows information about someone supplying the drugs and says nothing, isn't doing the right thing, in my opinion.

"I get people coming up to me and saying they've got ice in their family, and what sort of mess it's causing for them.

"But if you're not telling us about it and not trying to solve the problem, there's no use crying to me."

The detective said the two days of raids were just the beginning of countless more Warwick police had in store.

"There's more raids coming, the message isn't getting through," he warned.

All those charged are due to appear in Warwick Magistrates Court March 22.

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