Saying no way to bullying are Warwick East students Malcolm Browne, Nuala Pierce, Gabby Blackman and Elijah Tate-Whitton.
Saying no way to bullying are Warwick East students Malcolm Browne, Nuala Pierce, Gabby Blackman and Elijah Tate-Whitton. Jonno Colfs

Warwick East takes strong stand against bullying

THIS Friday, schools across the country will stand up against bullying as a day of action keeps the issue well and truly in the national spotlight.

In Warwick, East School is taking the issue of bullying very seriously.

Principal Marina Clarke said the school was passionate about the fact bullying is never okay.

"Everyone has a right to feel safe both at school and outside the school grounds,” Ms Clarke said.

"The National Day of Action is a great way of drawing attention to the issue, and bringing our school community together to help find workable solutions.

"Getting students directly involved and aware is a critical part of the solution.”

Year 6 student Malcolm Browne said bullying was bad behaviour.

"Hurting other people, either physically and verbally is just wrong,” he said.

"Kids who are bullied can feel very upset, hurt and left out.

"Kids bully others to get attention and to make themselves feel tough, but they're not tough, they're weak and there's no place for it in this school.”

Year 6 student Nuala Pierce said she couldn't understand why people would want to hurt other people's feelings.

"I've seen it happen before and I didn't like it at all,” she said.

"It's not nice for anyone.

"We have zero tolerance for bullying at East and the day of action and saying 'Bullying, No Way!' is a reminder to everyone here that you just won't get away with it.”

Like every Queensland state school, Warwick East State School has a responsible behaviour plan, which is guided by departmental policies and procedures.

"But we want to take this opportunity to be pro-active,” Ms Clarke said.

"At Warwick East, we will be running a variety of activities during the week to raise awareness of what bullying is and how to deal with it if bullied or a witness to bullying.”

Bullying - No Way! activities happening at the school this week include:

  • Every child receives an arm band and card of ideas on what to do if they experience or see bullying.
  • Every family receives a card of ideas on how to talk to their children about bullying.
  • Every class is doing lessons on bullying - what it is and what everyone can do if bullying occurs.
  • School councillors are taking photos and getting quotes from students to create our own 'Take a Stand Together' posters.
  • Friday is "Dress in Orange” day for the National Day of Action.
  • Children can order hot dogs for lunch as East's culminating activity for the week.

"It will be a fun week full of talk and activities to ensure every student knows that bullying is never okay and empower everyone to take a stand and know how to handle bullying if they see or experience it,” Ms Clarke said.

Looking forward to the day of action on bullying was Year 4 student Elijah Tate-Whitton.

"We need to get rid of bullies and bullying,” he said.

"It needs to be spoken about more to put an end to it.”

If you would like to do more with your children, you can go to the "Bullying - No Way” website:

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