Warwick fuel prices stay steady

WARWICK fuel prices have remained steadfast overnight, with no recorded dips.

While the price on unleaded petrol has not changed, the Daily News has discovered some local fuel stations are pocketing up to 13c/l when they sell their fuel.

Caltex spokesperson Sam Collyer said the terminal gate price – a form of wholesale price – determined the base price for many Caltex franchise owners, with today’s Caltex terminal gate price from Brisbane at 133.16c/l, while the Warwick sites at Wallace Street and the Truck N Travel on the Cunningham Highway are 142.9c/l and 143.9c/l respectively.

“The terminal gate price is a price that anyone from a Caltex outlet can buy fuel provided they meet the safety requirements,” Mr Collyer said.

“On top of that it’s up to an individual site and what costs they’ve got and how much they’re likely to sell.”

Mr Collyer said freight costs to cart the fuel back to Warwick did not burden fuel prices as much as what was commonly thought.

“It’s probably a common misunderstanding – the freight can have an impact but the bigger issue is the volume of fuel being sold at a site,” he said.

“If we talk about regional and rural sites, they’re probably selling less fuel, yet their overheads might be the same.

“They’ve got staff, electricity and maintenance to think about, so if you’re not selling as much fuel the margin might need to be higher.”

BP media spokesperson Jamie Jardine said Warwick’s BP franchises operated with a similar method.

“The service station owners then decide at what margin they want to put on,” he said.

“If you’re selling 50,000 litres a day, your margin would probably be less than if you’re selling 5000 litres a day. Owners make their own pricing decision based on the market in that area.”

BP’s terminal gate price today was 129.75c/l for unleaded – more than 13c/l cheaper than the Warwick prices.

Meanwhile, grim news from economists has hinted motorists may be waiting in vain for the desired drop in fuel prices.

The Australian Institute of Petroleum said yesterday the average price of unleaded fuel fell by just 1c/l in regional areas to 143.8c/l.

The figures also estimated an average household spends about $196.50 each month on petrol.

If Warwick motorists are feeling bitter about prices, spare a thought for Darwin car owners, where prices have risen for a consecutive week by .3c to 153.1c/l.

Today’s cheapest fuel price for unleaded petrol is at both United stations along Alexandra Dve and Wallace St, for 141.9c/l.

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