ACHIEVEMENT: Lyn Gibson (left) scored her first hole-in-one 11 years ago.
ACHIEVEMENT: Lyn Gibson (left) scored her first hole-in-one 11 years ago. Jayden Brown

Warwick golfer lands the ultimate prize

BACK in 2006 the Daily News offered readers the chance to purchase a discounted FM transmitter.

Kids today would think anyone owning one today would be a dinosaur, but it offers a glimpse into how much society has changed since then.

On December 1, 2006, the Warwick Daily News looked at people power banding together to fight against Workchoice reforms, wild weather in Warwick and a local golfer claiming her first hole-in-one.

WORKCHOICES was a topic very much on the nose in 2006.

Eve Alexander, a cleaner at Warwick State High School was nervous about what the reforms meant for her family.

"I'm lucky because I'm protected by a State Award but I'm extremely worried about the future of my children and grandchildren,” Mrs Alexander said.

At the Condamine Sports Club, 60 people gathered as a part of the National Day of Action, as 500 venues across the country came together to oppose the laws.

The weather has been playing a bit crazy of late in the Rose City, and it turns out we experienced a similar patch as summer rolled around in 2006.

Photographer Steven Corbett was on hand at Mt Marshall to snap a majestic picture, and said conditions produced an epic image.

"The thick, overcast haze made the sky purple and the light levels were really low so it was perfect for solar photography,” Mr Corbett said.

"The morning was beautifully cool after the previous day's heat.”

Josephine Sargent looked at the conditions in the town during a treacherous fortnight.

She reported just a few days prior of a bin lid being flung off due to high winds, and slamming into equipment inside the Warwick bulk-supply substation.

JOSEPHINE Sargent reported on the Aboriginal culture bring further introduced into the classroom in Warwick.

Sharman Parsons was responsible for sharing ancient songs, tales and art with St Mary's Primary School as part of their Australian culture education.

"It's important for children to understand Aboriginal culture,” Ms Parsons said.

"I want to inspire them and connect them to the area they're growing up in because that's important in Aboriginal culture.”

IN TRAGIC news for kids around the country, yellow Wiggle Anthony Page announced he was leaving the group.

A poll conducted by the Daily News discovered parents were reluctant to break the gut-wrenching news to their children.

GOLFER Lyn Gibson completed the life-long dream of everybody who has ever swung a club, hitting a hole-in-one.

Gibson had been paying for 47 years, with her first experience coming at the Warwick Golf Club.

It made it all the more fitting it served as the course she would record her incredible achievement.

"I was playing with Jan Maher and we saw my ball land in the middle of the green and disappear,” she said.

"We wondered if the ball went behind the pin.

"When we got to the green, my ball was not there and Jan sneaked over to the hole and there it was.”

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