Warwick puppy victim of suspected baiting

LITTLE Boomer should be out pulling towels off his owner's washing line, but instead he is buried beside it after a cruel death.

The four-month-old neapolitan mastiff cross was victim of baiting, and his grieving owner Lisa Lepoidevin said she had little doubt it was deliberate.

"We only feed the dogs biscuits," she said.

"But when they were both vomiting, we could very clearly see steak.

"We've never fed them steak.

"We think that they were poisoined."

Lisa believed someone tossed the steak over her fence of their Rosenthal Heights home sometime on Friday night.

"The next morning I came out and they were both lying under the trampoline," she said.

"It wasn't long after that Boomer just died.

"We're just lucky his brother Buddy is still here."

It wasn't a quick death either, according to Ms Lepoidevin, who recalled the pain both her dogs went through.

"They were moaning and vomiting," she said.

"By the time we called the vet, we knew there was nothing to do for Boomer.

"We thought maybe it was Parvovirus.

"They were defecating blood and we had to keep cleaning them both."

Buddy managed to survive the suspected baiting.
Buddy managed to survive the suspected baiting.

Buddy, who managed to pull through despite violent vomiting and diarrhoea, had his first meal Sunday evening, though still struggles on his feet and is hesitant to move about.

"If you'd seen him last week, you would have thought he was a different dog," she said.

"He's lost so much fat from around his face and on his body."

The suspected baiting happened one block from where a family was left a letter warning them if the didn't "shut that dog up" the person would "cut the f***** things throught (sic) and yours".

At the time, Warwick Police officer-in-charge Senior Sergeant Jamie Deacon spoke out against threats between neighbours.

"If there is a conflict between parties or the reception between them is not good, progressing that to threats is lunacy," he said.

"If people have a beef, there is a forum where they can make complaints through council."

However, Ms Lepoidevin said no neighbour had ever confronted her about her puppies.

"They rarely bark, and no one has ever said anything about them."

Ms Lepoidevin's partner Danny Hemus said he was just as shocked that such things would occur in a quiet, family-filled neighbourhood.

"We've talked to other people in the neighbourhood about it," Danny said.

"They've all just been so shocked. We can't believe someone would do this."

Ms Lepoidevin said for now they would invest their time looking after Buddy.

"When he's back up pulling the towels of the line again, that's when I'll sigh with relief."

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