Generic pic of a woman stealing food. Pic Thinkstock.
Generic pic of a woman stealing food. Pic Thinkstock.

WARWICK SHOPLIFTERS: Jewellery, whiskey, underwear and more

CCTV is being used to nab the Rose City's light-fingered residents, who target local businesses in their shoplifting sprees.

One such offender is Nigel Alan Swift, who stashed two bottles of whiskey down his pants in the Horse and Jockey bottle-o.

The Warwick Magistrates Court heard Swift had walked in to the drive-through and asked for a carton of beer.
When his card declined, he left the store.
Staff soon checked CCTV, which showed the 40-year-old stuffing bottles of whiskey in his pants before leaving.

In a separate incident, the Warwick man again used his pants to conceal his stolen goods, this time a bottle of Calvin Klein aftershave.

Priceline staff reviewed footage, which showed Swift stealing the $69 bottle.

Police also found the father of three in possession of two rings and a pocketwatch believed to be stolen, though no owners have been found.
Defence lawyer Chris Neville told the court his client had battled drug and mental health issues but was taking steps to overcome his demons, with counselling and treatment plans.

Swift pleaded guilty to three counts of stealing, one of possessing tainted property and one of possessing a bong.

He was placed on 12 months' probation and ordered to pay $65.60 restitution to the Horse and Jockey and $69 to Priceline.


CCTV was also used to uncover the moment a Warwick woman left Priceline with more than $100 of unpaid items in her trolley, in an unrelated stealing incident.

Anita Margaret Felmingham put $140 worth of items in her trolley and covered them with a backpack. She paid for other items but didn't attempt to pay for what she had stashed under the backpack.
Felmingham told police she had covered the items to prevent her daughter from seeing what she was purchasing.

Defence lawyer Claire Hine said her client was "absolutely mortified" by the entire situation. Mrs Hine said Felmingham was "a person of very good character" and returned to the store and paid for the items immediately after being approached.

The 33-year-old pleaded guilty to unauthorised dealing with shop goods.

She was placed on a good behaviour bond for three months and no conviction was recorded.


Cassandra Lee Young claims her failure to pay for underwear concealed under her other items was simply an oversight.

Police prosecutor Ken Wiggan said CCTV again captured the moment the 33-year-old failed to pay for the black underwear while using the self-service checkout.
The mum of four said she didn't realise she had even picked up the item while in the store.
She pleaded guilty to one count of stealing and was fined $250.

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