Warwick teachers love what they do and it shows

HAPPY SCHOOL: Warwick Central teachers Brooke Wilson, Ellen McConville and principal Christine Dolley have some fun with students Clarence Omandac, Amerikas Rielly, Summah Elliott and Declan Munro.
HAPPY SCHOOL: Warwick Central teachers Brooke Wilson, Ellen McConville and principal Christine Dolley have some fun with students Clarence Omandac, Amerikas Rielly, Summah Elliott and Declan Munro. Jonno Colfs

WHEN the Daily News called out to Warwick readers to find the region's favourite teacher, the response was overwhelming.

In the end there was no winner, except clearly the students at the many schools in the district.

Comments flooded in, thanking teacher after teacher for the difference made to lives and futures.

Warwick Central State School had its fair share of the love and principal Christine Dolley said it was wonderful to receive such positive feedback.

"I've been here eight years," she said.

"But that positive vibe has always been here.

"For us it's all about a genuine care for the kids that attend this school, support for the parents and a real sense of development of the whole child.

"Not just academically, but emotionally and socially."

Mrs Dolley said they instilled in their pupils a sense that everyone can make a difference, even in the smallest way.

"It's important to start every day in a positive way," she said.

"Noticing whether a child has a new hat or new hair or remembering their birthday, just little things.

"Showing and taking an interest in each student on a personal level. Showing them they are valued."

Prep/Year 1 teacher Brooke Wilson said shehad long been aware of the great reputation Central School had in the area.

"This school was the place I wanted to be," she said.

"It's my first year here and I absolutely love it."

Central favourite, Ellen McConville said the school functioned as a community.

"Our principal is the forefront of that," she said.

"Mrs Dolley goes out of her way to facilitate the students, any difficulties and everything across the board.

"Nothing is too hard for her and when your school leader acts in that way, everybody else lifts to that standard."

Mrs McConville said the Central staff was dedicated to their students.

"Aside from that we all want to be here," she said.

"And we actually have fun, lots of fun."

Mrs Dolley said if kids were going home positive and happy, then that would stand out to parents.

"It's lovely to be acknowledged and know the work we do here at Central is appreciated."

Teachers we love

  • Mark Fowler (Chooky) at Warwick High School. Mark understand his students, he helps the ones who need a bit more one-on-one. Mark is tough when he has to be, students can go up to him if they are having problems outside of school, any time. You don't find many teachers who still know how to be a teacher and friend. Even when students see Mark down the street, or even 10 years on, he will still say hi, how are you, etc. Just a nice guy who cares about his students. Lynn Ann Locke


  • Central school has lots of great teachers but to name a few, I'd have to say Mrs McConville, is awesome. She helped my daughter a lot this year as she was really struggling last year she has improved lots with Mrs Mac's guidance. Mrs Karle is another great teacher. She helps with special needs kids and is terrific. Trish Grayson


  • Mrs Janet Karle at Central. She changed my young son's life many years ago and I am forever grateful. Donna Page


  • Mrs Katrina Fletcher from Warwick East. For stepping outside of the classroom, to support our family in a difficult time. Samantha Cochrane
  • All of the team at Warwick West but especially Lisa Donnelly, she taught all of our kids. She teaches outside the box and gets amazing results. Toeing the required line perfectly but in her own way and on the kids' level. If there were more Lisa Donnellys in this world, school reviews and attendance would be so much more positive. Thanks Miss Donnelly. Michelle Fay


  • I believe Mrs Cranna from Warwick State High School is a wonderful teacher. She treats every student equally and treats her drama classes like family along with teaching them the skills of drama. Mrs Cranna is kind and sweet and is definitely the best teacher I've had ever. Halle Ross
  • Jo Brosnan at Killarney P-10 State School. Jo teaches individually and collectively. She invests so much of herself into her students, always goes above and beyond. Jo is one of those teachers who becomes a pivotel person in the lives of her students. Karen Greenslade
  • Ms Oldham, at St Mary's, has changed a lot for my son, Nixon. He started with her this year. I can not only see a difference in his "want" to learn but also in his everyday life. He loves school now which is great. Leeanne Morris Eastwell


  • The entire staff of Yangan State School for going above and beyond to ensure our kids in a small country school get the same opportunities as those in bigger schools. Charlane Mckinney


  • Mrs Vickers, from Warwick West State School. She's always smiling, a happy, enthusiastic teacher with a positive outlook on everything. Kindest heart. Samantha Scotney


  • Jenny Lang, from Warwick Christian College. She's the reason I finished Year 12. Samantha Brodie
  • I believe he is retired now but definitely Mr Wilson who taught at Warwick West! Tammie Conroy

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