Warwick venues speak out against alcohol-fuelled violence

AN ALLEGED glassing at a Warwick venue at the weekend has brought alcohol-fuelled violence back into the spotlight in the Rose City.   

Warwick RSL manager Jo Schwenke condemned any acts of violence among patrons following the alleged attack at the popular club, but said they were rare.   

"We're not dealing with alcohol-related violence particularly often," Mrs Schwenke said.   

"Warwick is not in a high-risk area compared to Brisbane or Toowoomba.  

"The majority of people expect to be able to come to the club as a safe environment.  

"Unfortunately some members have a lack of respect for the environment in which case we're fortunate we can suspend and terminate memberships of those patrons who act out.  

"I commend the police in Warwick - they are very prompt when required - and all licensees communicate quite well regarding (troublesome patrons)."  

Criterion Hotel duty manager Mitchell Dare said ensuring that staff are prepared to defuse alcohol-related violence helped prevent violence at the premises.   

"Security are also good at stepping in - once they've told someone to move on those people usually leave of their own accord and we haven't had police intervention in the past year," Mr Dare said.   

"I think being in a smaller community means it's not as bad to begin with and the government has done all they can really to help address alcohol-related violence for venues.   

Horse and Jockey Hotel duty manager Karli Wells said staff and security were also equipped to step in if necessary, but the statewide ban on serving "rapid intoxication" drinks from midnight had further curbed an already infrequent number of alcohol-related assaults.   

"We tend to see guys taking a swing at each other when they've had too much to drink every now and then," Miss Wells said  

"Since they put the ban on serving shots and mixers over 5% past 12am last July we've seen it drop even more."  

"In Toowoomba those changes have affected businesses a bit but I think the laws have really helped scale back violence."   

  • In 2011-12, there were 35,159 alcohol-related hospitalisations in Queensland, an increase of 57% from 22,460 in 2002-03. 


  • 29% of Australians have been affected by alcohol-related violence, including 16% who have been victims of alcohol-related violence. 


  • 78% of people believe that Australia has a problem with excess drinking or alcohol abuse, and that more needs to be done to reduce alcohol-related harm

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