Almost 900 have already cast their vote in Warwick

ELECTION Day is still a couple of sleeps away but that has not stopped close to 900 Warwickites from placing their votes.

The early voting booth has been open at St Mary's Hall for just more than a week.

Maranoa returning officer Vicki Kapernick said the number of early voters was a surprise.

"In Warwick, after the first week of pre-polling 896 votes have been taken," she said.

"It was a little bit higher than what we were expecting."

Ms Kapernick said there were a couple of reasons behind the increase.

"I think people are more aware that they can place an early vote," she said.

"We have also had 78 votes completed by people from other areas like the grey nomads.

"Then there is the fact that people are too busy to get to a polling booth on Saturday."

Ms Kapernick said 12,300 people had also submitted postal votes.

When it comes to voting at a polling booth on Saturday Ms Kapernick said voters did not need to bring anything with them.

"As long as they are enrolled it is fine," she said.

"You will give the person your name, they will mark you off the list and then hand you your ballot paper."

Ms Kapernick said there would be two pieces of paper; a green one for the House of Representatives and a white one for the senate.

"The senate ballot is the biggest one we have ever had in Queensland," she said.

"The piece of paper is 1.2 metres long."

And with 39 senate teams to choose from Ms Kapernick advised first time voters to pick the simple option.

"The choice is up to them but I think first time voters looking to ensure their vote is formalised should stick to the simple option on the senate ballot paper," she said.

"There are two ways to vote, the first is to mark every box below the line with a number from one to 39.

"The second is to just put a one in the box next to who you want to vote to above the line.

"For new voters keeping it simple is a good rule, so just picking the number above the line."

Polling booths will open at 8am on Saturday and close at 6pm.

Where to vote:

 Warwick East SS


 Glennie Heights SS

 Warwick West SS

 Blue Care Warwick

 Deuchar-Massie Public Hall

 Murrays Bridge SS

 Yangan School

of Arts Hall

 Allora Senior Citizens Centre


Public Hall

 Pratten Public Hall

 Killarney Senior Citizens Centre

 Dalveen Hall

 Legume Fire Shed

 Clifton SS

 Ryeford SS

 Pilton SS

 The Summit SS

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