BEWARE: Warwick warned as hot weather heightens fire risk.
BEWARE: Warwick warned as hot weather heightens fire risk. Glass House Mountains Rural Fire

Warwick warned as bushfire risk soars amid hot weather

HOT and dry conditions is increasing the threat of bushfires in our region and emergency services are urging the Warwick community to remain vigilant.

Drought is persisting in the south-west region and while there has been some rain conditions are again becoming dry, with no follow up rain in sight.

Warwick Disaster District Emergency Services issued a statement reminding people living in the region to be mindful of activities that could start a fire such as any unnecessary fires or using equipment that could create a spark such as a welder.

Further preparations can be made by putting in fire breaks, clearing vegetation around your home, ensuring you have firefighting equipment on hand and having a current Bushfire Survival Plan.

Rural Fire Service acting assistant commissioner Gary McCormack said a very high fire danger rating was stretching from the Queensland border with New South Wales to the central part of the state.

"People in the Darling Downs, Wide Bay Burnett and central Queensland should expect heightened fire conditions today and into the weekend,” Mr McCormack said.

"The bushfire threat is high and our crews have responded to significant bushfires near Yeppoon and Townsville in the past 24 hours.”

"Our firefighters are on standby to respond as required over coming days, but we urge all Queenslanders to stay alert, informed and report any fires immediately to Triple Zero.”

Mr McCormack said Queenslanders could take a number of steps to combat the increased risk of bushfire.

"People using power tools should keep a bucket of water within easy reach if they are working near grassland,” Mr McCormack said.

"Conditions are such that the smallest spark is enough to start a bushfire.

"Leaf litter and long grass are enough to fuel a bushfire, so it is important residents clear their gutters, mow the lawn and keep the yard tidy.”

Mr McCormack said landowners in at-risk areas were encouraged to postpone burns unless absolutely necessary, but those who needed a permit should contact their local fire warden.

"Residents must obtain a permit if a burn is greater than two metres in any direction,” he said.

"This process is in place to ensure burns are carried out as safely and effectively as possible and to prevent the risk of the fire getting out of control.”

To locate your local fire warden and to keep up-to-date on bushfire preparation, visit

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