A woman has captured the moment a boy casually popped a wheelie while crossing a flooded bridge, moments before it disappeared under water.

The video was taken by local resident Tara Lynch as Lavenders Bridge in Bellingen was closed to traffic.

The young boy was able to ride up on an elevated footpath, where he put on a show for the watching public.

Lavenders Bridge has now completely disappeared under water and will often do so during flood events, sometimes cutting the town in half for days.

While the stunt may not be welcomed by those incapable of popping a wheelie or who think it unnecessarily risky, there was nothing but praise for the boy on social media.   

One person said while he may not have been the hero the community necessarily wanted he was "definitely the hero we needed", while another suggested he just needed a cape.

Meanwhile, the entire town of Dorrigo has been cut off via its eastern approach after heavy rains caused a significant land-slip on Waterfall Way between Summervilles Road and Horseshoe Road, Thora.

Diversions are in place via the Gwydir Highway

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