STEVE Jobs started an incredibly successful business from his garage and now another creator is following in his footsteps to create a magical line of t-shirts that have wowed Warwick market-goers.

Giesela Harrower is the owner of Solar Tees Oz, which creates jaw-dropping t-shirts that transform from black and white into vibrant colours when exposed to sunlight.

Mrs Harrower said she was the only one creating the unique shirts in Australia that have been amazing people for the past six years.

Her market stall has grown from a 3m tent to 6m over the six years and she now has a representative in Victoria on the market circuit.

Based in Toowoomba, Mrs Harrower regularly travels to Warwick for the Uber Markets as well as speciality markets, such as this weekend's Easter event.

Mrs Harrower said she orders the colour-changing prints from America and then uses a heat press to transfer them to a white tee shirt, all from the comfort of her garage.

"It's a novelty, the kids call them magic," she said.

"You can't walk into Kmart and get one because they're a specialised shirt."


Shirts from Solar Tees Oz before they have changed colour.
Shirts from Solar Tees Oz before they have changed colour. Elyse Wurm

Mrs Harrower previously mad baby clothes but heard about prints that activate colour in the sun and decided to investigate them.

It now takes her just 15 seconds to create each shirt but it brings endless enjoyment to children who wear them.

At the Warwick Easter Markets, children were running in and out of her stall with different types of prints to see the colours that would be revealed underneath the sunlight.

Mrs Harrower said she had about 33 styles of shirt on offer, including prints of birds, horses and frogs.

"It's absolutely brilliant, I wouldn't be doing it if I didn't love it," she said.

"I like watching the kids and adults faces and hearing what comes out of their mouths - 'Wow!' 'Godsmacking!'"

Mrs Harrower said she was surprised other creators hadn't caught on to the prints yet.

But she's happy to keep creating the enchanting shirts and sell them on market scene, as it allows her to interact with local people and provide them with enjoyment.

To learn more visit the Solar Tees Oz Facebook page.

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