SMELLY: The water at Tracey Long's place in Karara is 'absolutely putrid'.
SMELLY: The water at Tracey Long's place in Karara is 'absolutely putrid'. Contributed

Water is 'worst it's ever been'

KARARA residents are kicking up a stink over their water supply.

Water to the 11 homes in the township, comes from a non-potable supply, pumped directly from nearby Canal Creek and residents say it's a bit on the nose.

Tracey Long has lived in Karara for eight years and said the water was as bad as it's ever been.

"It's absolutely putrid at the moment,” she said.

"The smell makes me feel sick and it's so brown it stains the bowl in the toilet.

"Everyone has the same issue and we've all complained to council on numerous occasions over the years, but no one seems to want to do anything lasting about the issue.”

Ms Long said with no rain in the past month, fresh tank water was running very low.

"We looked at getting water delivered but that'll set us back $700, which we simply can't afford,” she said.

"And what if it rains the day after we take delivery? We're out of pocket and have overflowing tanks.”

Southern Downs Regional Council engineering services director Peter See said council had received a number of complaints regarding the quality of water at Karara.

"We are aware of reports the supply is dirty and foul smelling but as the water supply is sourced from the river, council has no scope to improve the quality of the water regarding taste, odour or colour,” he said.

"The river was approximately one metre higher last week following rainfall, which most likely has caused the quality of the water to diminish.

"SDRC does not regulate the quality of the river water.

"Council staff have flushed and cleaned the reservoir and flushed mains in an effort to clean up the supply, but until the river clears, the water is likely to remain in the same condition.”

Mr See reiterated Karara's water supply was non-potable.

"The water is not suitable for drinking, showering, washing or cooking.

"If Karara residents' rain water tanks are empty due to insufficient rainfall, and they are concerned about having sufficient drinking or household water, it is possible to purchase water from a number of carriers.”

Ms Long said they were aware of the council recommendations.

"We would normally use tank water to shower and wash, but we have no choice, the tanks are almost empty,” she said.

"We pay almost $2000 in rates and we pay for this water - they need to do something about it.

"It's completely unacceptable and we're desperate.”

Neighbour Kerry Wilson echoed those sentiments.

"When the tanks are low we have to switch over to town water and at the moment it's completely disgusting,” she said.

"Even the dog won't drink it, something has to be done.”

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