COMMENT: We need to look out for those crying out for help

YESTERDAY delivered the tragic news that a WA father had driven himself and his two young sons off a wharf, killing all three.

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Hearing such news, and later seeing the photos their family released, is really difficult and causes a rollercoaster of emotions for me as a mere stranger touched by this story.

Initially, there is horror that the children have been killed in such tragic circumstances and I think of those babies in their final moments.

And then of the mother who has lost the two things most precious to her in the world.

This is not how it is meant to go.

Parents are not meant to farewell their children, especially children who have been murdered.

But this mother has also had her grief compounded in knowing that the person who robbed her children of their lives was one of the people who were meant to keep them safe.

The man who was meant to protect them from all the bad in the world - not bring it to them.

While I could never condone or dismiss taking the life of a child, I do think this case highlights the real problem our country has with mental health issues and treatments.

It is often difficult for a person to identify they need help with their mental health but time and time again we hear about those who ask for help and are turned away, with little to no intervention.

We need to realise this isn't a fight people can win on their own and we need to ensure people receive the treatment they need and are often crying out for.

The alternative can be deadly.

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