WELLCAMP resident Kristy Kimball and her four children have salvaged what they could after their home was inundated in a flash flood.

Ms Kimball was shocked by the speed in which water rose around her and partner Gary Watts' Oestreich Rd home about 10am yesterday.

She was outside with her partner and children inspecting minor flooding when their situation quickly became very serious.

"It was slowly building up and then the next minute the whole lot just went up really quick," Ms Kimball said.



"The road went over then it started going in our shed and then we heard banging on the side of our shed and knew we had lost all of the fences and all of that."

They raced over to the house as water rose around it.

"We couldn't go in; if we opened the doors the water would have just rushed in."

They placed towels or whatever they could near the doors but it was too late.

She said about 10cm of water went through her home.

Two neighbouring homes were also threatened.

"Ours is the only house that has gone under.

"Children, horses and animals (were) first priority.

She said a lot the things she had in her front and back yards had been washed away.

"I don't know how far it has gotten but we have lost a lot of stuff."

Once the water subsided they were able to move their horses and dogs to a neighbour's yard.

Fellow Oestreich Rd resident Nathan Jervis said he had not seen water rise so quickly around his home in the seven years he had lived there.

"We have had dramas with water in the past but this was terrifying," Mr Jervis said.

He said he was stranded with his wife and three children for about an hour.

"We were just worried our bank out the front was going to let go."

Police and swift water rescue crews attended but did not have to save anyone from the current.

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