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patter toon

What ever happened to the traditional Aussie hamburger?

WHEN we get together to discuss the topic for this column each week, the cartoonist and I end up covering the biggest issues like global warming, the Middle East, Trump and hamburgers.

Of course, we have to prioritise which brings us to this week's dilemma - whatever happened to the traditional hamburger?

For years I've fanged for a good old fashioned Aussie hamburger.

Remember the hamburger of yesteryear with a big fresh bread bun, homemade meat patty, lettuce, tomato, beetroot and ONION!

Where's the onion gone?

Sliced onion used to be the first thing that hit the hotplate but these days kitchens serve up what is described as a "hamburger" sans onion - which surely is a contradiction in terms.

For mine, there is no such thing as a hamburger without onion.

Somehow, onion, fresh crispy lettuce, fresh tomato and beetroot has been replaced by such things as avocado, processed cheese, hummus and pineapple.

Pineapple? The only thing pineapple should be on is Carmen Miranda's head (that will get the Googling going).

Pineapple has no place on an Aussie hamburger!

Or pizza, for that matter.

Just imagine the chef at the famous Pizzeria Di Matteo in Naples, Italy, swelling with pride as some Australian tourist walks in and orders the chef's specialty only to hear in unmistakeable Aussie twang: "And chuck half a tin of pineapple chunks on that, will ya mate!"

But I think Aussie cafes have dropped the ball, and the onions, since those bland American chain burger bars arrived in Australia.

Personally, I reckon what they serve up as a "burger" doesn't cut it.

For a start, the Aussie burger should be big enough that two hands are needed to negotiate the eating thereof and filling enough that you don't need a side serving of chips.

We're forever being told that we're becoming more obese, surely that's the fault of the chips.

Make the burgers big enough - as in days gone by - and we don't need chips to fill us up.

Now, I for one am very grateful for the influx into this country of the variety of cultures who have introduced fantastic tucker like the kebab, hot Indian curry and the spicy chilly Mexican Burrito.

I have recently become quite partial to a Japanese ramen as well.

They are all great feasts, particularly late at night after a tea and scones session at the pub.

However, as satisfying as those meals are, they should not come at the expensive of the traditional Aussie hamburger.

I lament the demise of the Greek cafe which provided such fine food fare, including the humble hamburger, in my younger years.

Is it too much to ask for someone, anyone, to bring back the traditional Aussie hamburger?

You've got at least two customers ready to go.

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