South Australian authorities have announced a "series of wide-ranging restrictions" to get on top of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Premier Steven Marshall on Wednesday afternoon said as of midnight, there will be a six-day "pause" designed to reduce mobility in the community.

"We are going hard and we are going early," he said.

He described it as the "circuit breaker" to "stay ahead" of the coronavirus.

"There is no second chance to stop a second wave," Mr Marshall said.

SA chief public health officer Professor Nicola Spurrier said "it really is extreme" but applies to everybody across the state.

"We need to stay at home as much as possible," she said.

The Parafield cluster began with a worker at Peppers Warmouth which is being used as a medi-hotel in Adelaide's CBD.

Police Commissioner Grant Stevens described them as "significant impositions" and "quite comprehensive", impacting "virtually every member of the community".

He said a further eight days of other restrictions "which will not be as significant" will follow.


• All schools except for children of essential workers and vulnerable children

• Takeaway food

• Universities

• Pubs, cafes, coffee shops and food courts

• Elective surgery except for urgent operations and cancer treatment

• Real estate open inspections

• Outdoor sport and physical activity - you cannot leave your home to exercise

• FIFO work

• Regional travel is not approved. "If you are in a location at the commencement of these restrictions, you will be required to stay there," Commissioner Stevens said.

• Aged care and disability residential care will be in lockdown

• Factories other than food or medical products will be closed, except for where it is necessary for them to remain open to prevent damage to machinery.

• Construction industry

• Holiday homes will not be available for lease or rental

• Weddings and funerals will be banned for six days

• Outdoor sport is not permitted

• Masks will be required in all areas outside the home

There is a six-day pause in South Australia. Picture: NCA NewsWire / Kelly Barnes
There is a six-day pause in South Australia. Picture: NCA NewsWire / Kelly Barnes


• Critical infrastructure including water, power and telecommunications will be able to function

• Supermarkets will remain open to provide access to food and essential product. There will be limitations in terms of access, and providing specific access to vulnerable members of community to ensure that they can access goods and services

• Medical including mental health, supplies, access to services will be available

• Public transport will be open

• The airport and freight services including courier services will be able to operate

• Petrol stations, access to financial institutions and post offices will be able to be accessed

• Mining, smelting and large factories will also be able to remain open but only those parts of the facilities that will need to operate to ensure continuity of service delivery or to prevent damage to the plant

• Childcare will be available only for families of essential workers

• The minimum operations of government including local government will be permitted to operate

• Veterinary surgeons will be able to remain open

• Agriculture will be able to move about to ensure the safety and welfare and processing of animals, and the production of dairy and other agricultural services

• End of life services will also be available through organised arrangements

The police commissioner said people will be "restricted from going out of their house for a six-day period".

South Australians are being asked to stay at home unless they are accessing essential services or are an essential worker.

He said one person per household once a day can leave home to access groceries.

The final list of restrictions and what will be allowed to operate will be updated later on Wednesday.

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