ONCE again there are complaints about older drivers not knowing the rules of the road.

I tend to believe that the older driver in the roundabout mentioned by your correspondent in last Thursday's The Chronicle, knew well the rules, but was absolutely terrified by others (not elderly) bulldozing through roundabouts at speed without giving way or using indicators to exit and without a care for other road users.

Toowoomba has the worst drivers I have ever encountered, and these are not elderly who generally are careful and considerate of others.

Hurtling through roundabouts at speed, lack of indicators to exit, running red lights, changing lanes in the middle of intersections, speeding, weaving in and out of traffic with no good reason, turning from the wrong lane at marked controlled intersections, following too closely, road rage, burnouts at intersections and overtaking on the left with continuous white lines are some of the many infringements noted in Toowoomba on a regular basis.

The list goes on, and I am here to tell you they are not the elderly, but usually mid 20s to 40s, and often "P" platers.

Travel on the Gore or Warrego Highways and you will find more of these questionably intelligent louts speeding, dangerously overtaking on double lines, following too closely and overtaking vehicles on the left.

None of this life threatening behaviour is committed by the elderly, as life over 70 is far too precious.

I would suggest that all drivers (aged 20 to 50) should undergo a bi-annual exam and road test to ensure that they know the rules and abide by them in the name of safety, and respect for other road users. (Drivers over the age of 50 have matured somewhat and no longer have hoon tendencies.)

A bi-annual review is the law in recreational and domestic aviation, so why not with vehicle licences, where poor driving kills more than 1200 per year and seriously injures or maims 36,000 which tends to suggest that strictly regulated light aircraft licences substantially increase safety thereby reducing deaths and injury.

I question whether the "drivers" who moan and grizzle about the elderly have ever broken the law or made a poor decision behind the wheel? In reality the complaints border on hypocritical discrimination.

"People who live in glass houses should not throw stones."

It would be interesting to research the ages of drivers with the highest number of traffic offences wouldn't it, and those with the highest numbers be tested more frequently?

Remember; it will not be that long when you all will be of an age where you could lose your licence to drive along with your freedoms. It's going to be sooner than you think.

BRIAN SAYERS, Millmerran

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