A wedding is an example of an event that can be live streamed online to guests who cannot attend in person.
A wedding is an example of an event that can be live streamed online to guests who cannot attend in person. Mike Geisel Photography

Why live streaming might be a good idea for your next event

LATELY we've been having a lot of fun running live streaming services for a wide variety of clients all across Australia. We've been offering live streaming services for around 18 months now, and we've found there was quite a lot of confusion about what this service is and how it can be beneficial. So we thought a blog post might be in order.

First things first, let's discuss what a live stream is not. The first thing it is not is a webinar, which is where you hold a presentation online. Don't know what a webinar is? Think seminar + web = webinar.  Often in this case you have a slide deck and a person will present over the top of them, so it's kind of like a radio show with PowerPoint slides. These could also have interaction with the audience.

Another option that people often confuse with live streaming is screen casting, which is where you will show people how to do a certain task online and record a screen capture demonstration of you performing that task, so that they can see exactly where you open windows, login, click and take other actions.

A live stream is, as the name suggests, more like a live, real-time stream of data of a set event. Consider it like a TV show streamed online. Here are a few examples of jobs we've done recently to get some ideas on how it can be used.

1. A Funeral

A funeral is of course a celebration of life and whilst many people may love to be there, sometimes the tyranny of distance can prevent people physically being at the venue. Thankfully these days there is technology like livestreaming, which allows us to come in and broadcast the service for users all around the world to be engaged in online, in whatever time zone they're in. If the time zones really don't work, we can also make a recording of the session and send it to you post-event, as a fond memory of what was a special day. Talk to us if you'd like to see live streaming at an important funeral coming up for you, your family or friends.

2. Weddings

Similar to funerals, some people have engaged us to live stream their upcoming wedding so that people who can't be there for your special day of matrimony can enjoy the experience from home or work, perhaps with a celebratory glass of champagne in hand, just as if they were there. Yet again we can take a recording and, in addition to any official photographers or videographers you may have at the event, provide a recording of the livestream as another memento for your special day.

3. Citizenship Ceremonies

Across Australia every year thousands more people become Australian citizens, which is a proud moment for the individual and an important annual event for the local community. We're proud to have been part of the Australia Day citizenship ceremony of the Sunshine Coast for the past two years, and are amazed at how popular this particular live stream is, with people from hundreds of different countries logging in to see their family or friends take the oath, receive their special tree, and become an Australian citizen. If you have Australia Day ceremony or special civil event that you would like us to be a part of, please get in contact.

4. Summits & Forums

We are pleased to have been a part of many important forums and summits for organisations such as Sunshine Coast Destination Limited, Regional Development Australia and Sunshine Coast Council, where we have broadcast the event, where the venue only permits a limited number of attendees, but where the message is certainly a public one or where consultation and involvement is encouraged. It is important with events like this to maximise the potential to create a campaign where there is a strong build-up towards the event, so that people are very aware of the ability to tune in on the day. They need to be encouraged to put this event in their diary and also be marketed to and reminded to get on on the day.

This service can be as elaborate as you like and can include us actively encouraging live chat on the day and passing the text chat questions and comments through to the live emcee facilitator to incorporate as part of the conversations on the day. This sort of service can also be enhanced by our live social media service at events, where we can be sending out the link through our extensive social networks and encouraging further conversation on the social networks. Indeed, we've been known to solicit an extra couple of hundred people on the live stream just from adding the social media service on, and offering it in tandem to a live streaming service at an important day like this.

There are just a few ideas of how live streams can be used at your next event. Livestreams can certainly grow your reach and will make your event much more accessible to audiences who may previously have not been able to be part of these events, such as rural and remote communities, the disabled, the elderly and parents at home, just to name a few.

If you would like to have a no-obligation chat to us about our live streaming services and whether they may be applicable to your next event, please don't hesitate to get in contact. Link here.


The Creative Collective director Yvette Adams.
The Creative Collective director Yvette Adams.


By Yvette Adams, Director of The Creative Collective.

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