ANNOYED you couldn't vote for Pauline Hanson last weekend? You're not alone.

If you planned to storm into that ballot box and stick it to the major parties by backing Pauline, why wasn't she one of the options on the form?

Although One Nation is unlikely to win more than a single seat after the Queensland election, the reality is that even if her party somehow won in enough areas to take power as a single entity, Ms Hanson was never going to be Premier. That is because she is already a Federal Senator.

Indeed, the vanquished Buderim MP Steve Dickson on the Sunshine Coast - defeated by the LNP's Brent Mickelberg - would have taken the top job as he was the party's Queensland leader.

Ms Hanson may have had her face on One Nation signage but she was not in the race.

The confusion stunned at least one voter in the state's south east who demanded answers from his local paper, Ipswich's Queensland Times.

"I've just been up to the polls to vote for One Nation and it appears they've left Pauline Hanson off the list," the voter said.

"So, residents in the Bundamba electorate cannot vote for Pauline Hanson.  

One Nation also stood candidates in 61 of the state's 93 electorates, which leaves 32 without any Pauline presence at all.

Some Queensland voters had no way of backing One Nation, even if they were big fans of Ms Hanson or the party's policies.  

The seat of Bundamba was one of those.

Her appearances and campaigning - strongly built around her own personal appeal to voters - is similar to how other party leaders, for instance Nationals Leader Barnaby Joyce, may pop into town so you'll vote for the Nationals.

He's not in the race for a state seat, but hopes his appeal will rub-off on a local candidate.

Below: Ms Hanson calls for support in the north Queensland town of Mareeba.


Ms Hanson repeatedly asked supporters to back her team, including Mr Dickson as state leader, but it may not have been enough.

One Nation recorded an average of 21% of the vote in seats where it fielded candidates, but complicated preference flows have so far stopped the minor party from winning more seats.

Ms Hanson won her place as a Senator for One Nation at the 2016 Federal Election.

Her six-year term as a Senator means she'll be in the Australian Parliament until June 30, 2022.

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