The Wildcats will look for Declan Starast to stand up.
The Wildcats will look for Declan Starast to stand up. Gerard Walsh

Warwick Wildcats face the unknown

BASKETBALL: The Warwick Wildcats will embark into the unknown when they travel to the Sunshine Coast for their opening Southern Basketball League match tomorrow.

The Wildcats will take on the University of Sunshine Coast, who are new to the competition and Wildcats coach Jeff Clark said he had little idea what to expect.

"I know Anthony Cora, who finished top 10 in competition voting for the MVP, is playing for them," Clark said.

"But other than that we don't really know much about them."

Clark said he felt anything less than a finals appearance would fall short of the team's potential.

"There are nine teams in the division and there are only a couple of teams that I would say should finish above us," he said.

"I think if we have a successful season we should finish about third or fourth.

"It's a pretty even competition and I think we've certainly got the talent to make the top four so that's where we're aiming for."

Clark said he felt the Cremasco brothers were ready to step up.

"Sam (Cremasco) is still only 16 so he's a bit young still, although he's got the talent," Clark said.

"But DJ and Josh could be real standouts this year.

"I think they're ready to take the leap."

Alongside the Cremasco brothers, Clark said Declan Starast loomed as a key.

"Declan Starast was top 10 in the competition MVP voting last year," he said.

"You can always depend on Declan. We'll certainly be looking for him to stand up."

While the team will likely revolve around Starast and the Cremascos, Clark said the role players would be important.

"We've got a lot of good local players this year," Clark said.

"A lot of the guys are prepared just to play their role.

"Guys accepting their role and not wanting to be the star is always the first step."

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