Woman feared she would die as boyfriend choked her

A WOMAN is still too terrified to sleep on her own at night after her former boyfriend choked her until she thought he was going to kill her.

She grabbed at Corey Anthony Pearce's hands to try and release his grip while he was telling her she was worthless, but he said it wasn't until he saw tears well in her eyes that he realised he was hurting her.

At Warwick District Court yesterday, Crown prosecutor Julie Aylward said it was then that Pearce, 34, let go of the woman's throat in the Pratten kitchen.

Ms Aylward said in the six months prior to the choking, Pearce became controlling after drinking alcohol and had starting pushing and yelling at his girlfriend.

"A month before the offences she requested he leave the home but he refused to leave," Ms Aylward said.

Pearce yesterday pleaded guilty to choking in a domestic setting, common assault and wilful damage.

Ms Aylward said Pearce also pushed the woman to the ground and damaged cabinets in the attack.

The court heard she suffered anxiety as well as bruising and swelling around her neck after the February 2017 attack.

But defence lawyer Jessica Goldie said Pearce, who now lives on the central Queensland coast, was remorseful and had attempted to seek alcohol rehabilitation but was turned away.

"Since the offence he has drastically cut back his drinking and he only has a couple of drinks when he visits his father, he instructs," she said.

While Judge David Andrews said domestic violence offenders were often remorseful the day after, he accepted Pearce's remorse was genuine.

He noted the 34-year-old now drank alcohol much less often and had taken constructive steps to be rehabilitated.

Pearce was sentenced to 18 months' jail but was immediately released on parole.

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