Woman glassed at Warwick RSL

GUILTY: Natasha Stephanie-Lee Slatter (right) fronted court after glassing a 49-year-old woman.
GUILTY: Natasha Stephanie-Lee Slatter (right) fronted court after glassing a 49-year-old woman. Elyse Wurm

A VERBAL argument turned violent at Warwick RSL in January, when Natasha Stephanie-Lee Slatter struck another woman in the face with a glass.

Slatter pleaded guilty in Warwick District Court yesterday to unlawful wounding.

Her lawyer said the 23-year-old could not remember the attack on her 49-year-old victim, who was left with glass fragments lodged in her face.

CCTV footage of the attack played in the courtroom showed both women arguing before Slatter moved towards her victim and hit the left side of her face with the glass.

Judge Dennis Lynch said it was unclear whether the glass had been thrown, or remained in the Warwick woman's hand during the attack.

Crown Prosecutor Gary Churchill said the victim attended Warick Hospital after the assault to have glass removed from her face and seven stitches were needed to mend the wound.

Mr Churchill noted such acts had the potential to cause nerve damage and loss of eyesight.

"It's an all too familiar situation in the pubs and clubs in this country,” he said.

The video footage shows the woman dropping her handbag directly after the attack and punching Slatter three times in the head.

Defence lawyer Frank Martin said the victim did not show signs of being seriously injured immediately after the incident.

"No one seems to be concerned about her injury, including her,” he said.

Security guards intervened and separated the women.

Judge Lynch noted there was a protracted confrontation preceding the attack and said he did not accept Slatter was unprovoked.

"There was a good deal of aggression directed towards you,” he said.

Judge Lynch said two people were standing in front of Slatter to prevent the attack, but she moved past them to carry out the glassing.

A man were earlier seen trying to remove the victim from the confrontation, he said.

In a victim impact statement read to the court, it was revealed the woman had suffered significant anxiety since being glassed and had insecurity about the scar on her face.

There were no other long-standing physical injuries.

During sentencing, Judge Lynch took into account Slatter's good work record and lack of criminal history, which he said demonstrated the offence was out of character.

He said the defendant also showed genuine remorse, as she had attempted to pay the victim $3000 compensation through the court yesterday morning.

Slatter was sentenced to 18 months' jail but it was ordered she be released on immediate parole.

She was also ordered to pay the $3000 compensation to her victim.

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