Woman threatens neighbour claiming he drowned puppies

AN ALLENSTOWN woman who claimed her neighbour drowned puppies in a bucket landed herself in hot water after she took matters into her own hands.

The woman pleaded guilty in Rockhampton Magistrates Court today to one count each of public nuisance, property damage and obstruction of police.

The court heard at around 2am on January 7, 2016, police were called to an Allenstown address after reports a woman was yelling and threatening her neighbour.

Her neighbour had seen her pacing outside his house yelling "I'm going to kill you", "You killed them, you killed the dogs", "You left them in 52 degree heat".

When police arrived the victim told police the woman had banged on his door, broken stairwell palings, pulled out his letterbox and smashed the right-side mirror of his car.

While police spoke to her about the incident, she began to walk away despite being told to stop.

Once arrested, she dropped her weight so officers had to carry her to the police car where she then tried to get out of the vehicle.

She told the court on the day of the offence she had done shots of rum with a friend as she was upset her ex partner had taken their children interstate, outside the terms of their custody agreement.

She also said she had issues with her neighbour as he would regularly leave his dogs in a hot kennel and she could smell "faeces going through her window" every day.

She also claimed her neighbour had previously drowned a litter of puppies in a bucket.

Despite having similar public nuisance offences on her criminal record, Magistrate Mark Morrow fined her $400 with no conviction recorded.

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