'Drop charges or you're dead'

A WOMAN who threatened to kill a 15-year-old assault victim and her family if the girl refused to drop police charges has been released on bail.

Dannielle Lauren Bowden, 20, appeared in the Warwick Magistrates Court yesterday morning, where she admitted to threatening the girl both in person and in a series of phone calls on Thursday.

Her court appearance follows the bashing of the 15-year-old in the early hours of last Saturday morning at the corner of Wood and Wallace Sts, allegedly carried out by another Warwick teen, 17-year-old Marli Turner-Bryan.

Turner-Bryan remains in custody after the assault and Bowden, understood to be an acquaintance, is alleged to have driven Turner-Bryan to the location where the bashing is said to have taken place.

It has been further alleged that Turner-Bryan and another teen, Tayla Farrell, were the perpetrators of an earlier assault on another girl on April 4, where the pair are accused of stomping on their victim's head and breaking her jaw.

Bowden was taken into custody late on Thursday, after earlier that day approaching the 15-year-old victim of last weekend's attack as the girl walked to school.

Bowden told the girl that if she did not drop the assault complaint against Turner-Bryan, Bowden would kill her and her family.

Later in the day Bowden made a series of threatening and abusive phone calls to the girl, at one point demanding to placed on loudspeaker so members of the 15-year-old's family could hear her threatening to kill them.

Bowden admitted to making the threats when interviewed by police and said in court yesterday that she wished to plead guilty to a charge of making retaliatory threats of unlawful killing to a witness.

Due to the serious nature of the offence, Bowden's case will be handed up to the District Court which is next due in Warwick later this month.

Bowden's application to be released from custody on bail yesterday was objected to by police prosecutor Senior Constable Steve de Lissa, who said that if she was allowed to walk free in Warwick she would be a "threat to the safety of others in the community" and would be likely to further threaten the justice process by interfering with witnesses.

Bowden - an unemployed single mother with two children - told Magistrate Anne Thacker she had no-one in Warwick to look after her children, who were being cared for yesterday by her ex-partner's mother in Ipswich.

She did indicate however that she and her ex-partner were planning to reconcile next week and leave town.

Magistrate Thacker agreed to release Bowden on bail on the condition that she resides in Ipswich and does not come to Warwick for any reason other than court appearances.

Bowden was ordered to leave Warwick by midday yesterday and is next required in court here on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Marli Turner-Bryan is due to appear in court on Tuesday in relation to the weekend assault, and she and Tayla Farrell are due back in court on October 13 in relation to the April 4 alleged head-stomping.

Both are charged with assault causing grievous bodily harm.

Farrell is believed to be the victim of yet another violent incident which took place during the week, in which four girls are said to have carried out an assault at a residence on Rosehill Rd, which was later trashed by two males.

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