Woman’s deadly high BAC reading... and she could still talk

A WOMAN found in her car with her dog on the side of the road with keys in the ignition had a blood-alcohol content reading so high that it can kill people.

Jeanette Louise Scott, 41, pleaded guilty in Rockhampton Magistrates Court to one count of intoxicated while in charge of a motor vehicle.

Police prosecutor Mark Platt said a resident called police at 3.16pm on August 17 to do a welfare check on a woman in a stationary car on Darts Creek Rd, Ambrose, stating the woman and dog had been there for a significant amount of time.

He said when police arrived, they found the woman in the car with the dog, with the keys in the ignition and the dash lit up.

Mr Platt said Scott denied drinking when police asked, but was slurring her words, among other indicators.

He said her blood alcohol content reading was .346.

The court heard she had no traffic records and no criminal records.

Magistrate Jeff Clarke said that high a reading had killed people.

"You must have been abusing alcohol for some time to withstand a reading of that magnitude," he said.

Mr Clarke attributed the alcohol abuse to having to deal with what Scott saw, heard and dealt with while working in 'disadvantaged communities' in Western Australia before moving to Rockhampton 18 months ago.

He said there was no information before him that she drove to the location while intoxicated, reflecting on police evidence that the vehicle had been stationary at that location for a significant time.

Mr Clarke sentenced Scott to a nine-month probation order and disqualified her from driving for eight months. No conviction was recorded.

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