Police operations make impact on Warwick's drug network

DETERMINATION and hard-work by Warwick Police has paid off with two successful drug operations coming to a close.

Officer-in-charge Senior Sergeant Jamie Deacon said the six-month Operation Lima Ramjet targeted drug supply and trafficking in Warwick and surrounding areas. "The operation targeted networks with links to criminal motorcycle gangs," Snr Sgt Deacon said.

"There have been a number of people charged with drug supply and trafficking charges in the Warwick area."

Snr Sgt Deacon said the success of the drug operation had made a "definite" impact on Warwick's drug supply network.

A second operation took place at the weekend with police targeting drugs destined for a music festival south of Warwick.

Operation North Fender involved highway blockages north and south of the festival venue.

Snr Sgt Deacon said while the results were positive, it showed people were still experimenting with illegal substances.

"Police were very happy with the results however it has been tempered with the disappointment that people are still breaking the law," he said.

Although the operation targeted drugs intended for festival revellers, Snr Sgt Deacon said a range of traffic and criminal offences were also identified.

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