Whistle Stop Garden has worm farms and juice available for sale.
Whistle Stop Garden has worm farms and juice available for sale. Contributed

Worm juice aiding plant health

ON Saturday, December 10, we ran a plant market, in conjunction with Granite Belt Artworks' garage sale, to help a local seedling producer to dispose of stock.

The plants were in very good condition and many were sold. What was left over were many strawberry plants with delicious fruit, which we have planted next to our lily pond. There are still a lot of healthy herb plants and a few ornamentals remaining.

These can be purchased from the Whistle Stop Garden on a Wednesday morning, or all day on Thursdays (except December 29).

A thriving project of the Whistle Stop Garden is the worm farm enterprise. These hard-working little creatures turn rotten plant matter into worm castings (a tonic for the soil, and perfect for planting seedlings), worm juice, worms for fishing or for your compost heap, and also worm farm starter kits. These neat packages are going for $10 and would make a great Christmas gift for a keen gardener.

Once you have had a worm farm in your garden, you wonder how you ever managed without it. It makes a great depository for the vegetable kitchen scraps, the worm juice does wonders for the garden, and the castings really help to give seedlings a great start in life. Composting worms thrive all year around if they have a constant food source, and the Stanthorpe winters do not seem to bother them at all.

The new year is nearly here and we have great plans for the new year. We plan to have six markets under the big roof next year, three before winter and three afterwards. The Thursday crew are constantly potting cuttings from our beautiful heritage garden opposite the railway station. We hope to expand our worm farm operations to include at least one worm farm dedicated to the larger worms that fishermen prefer. The streamlining of our composting area is complete, and the next project is to set up a little hothouse with automatic misting system to be run from our solar system. The food growing group on Wednesday mornings are planning regular consultations with experienced people to improve their skills at organic growing, a challenge anywhere and the Granite Belt is no exception. These skills we are happy pass on to anybody who wishes to be involved as the production of chemical-free nutrient-rich food is what we are aiming to achieve.

There is always something happening at the Whistle Stop Garden.

For inquiries, 46812962.

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