Road pest Beau Hockings shuns the limelight as he leaves court this week.
Road pest Beau Hockings shuns the limelight as he leaves court this week.

Drivers bad habits hit dead end

HE almost ran over a young child on a pushbike, crashed into someone’s house and lied to police that the steering on his vehicle had broken – meet serial road abuser Beau Daniel Selwyn Hockings.

The Warwick Magistrates Court heard this week that police were called to the intersection of Victoria Street and Rosehill Road in Warwick about 4.30pm on December 19 last year.

There they were told by witnesses that Hockings, 19, had been observed driving his white Holden Commodore west along Victoria Street at such high speed another motorist at the intersection with Rosehill Road began to reverse, clearly fearing a collision.

When he reached the intersection, Hockings attempted to make a sharp right turn into Rosehill Road but instead lost control of the car, narrowly avoiding running down a small child on a bike.

He mounted the footpath, with one witness, a nearby resident, terrified at the thought Hockings would collide with her residence.

Fortunately for all concerned the car came to a screeching halt, with witnesses telling police that Hockings and a female passenger exited the vehicle.

Hockings kicked the front passenger tyre in fury and the pair quickly left the scene on foot, only to be located by police a short time later.

The Magistrates Court heard Hockings initially insisted to the officers that the steering on the vehicle had malfunctioned, causing him to lose control.

But the tale was later relegated to the bulldust file when a mechanical inspection ordered by police showed the Commodore’s steering to be free of any defects, in stark contrast to Hockings’ explanation.

Despite being ordered to appear in court over the intersection incident, Hockings insisted on making life even more difficult for himself on January 22, when he performed a 180 degree turn in front of the home of a Warwick police detective.

The noise and smoke generated by his revhead display again attracted police attention, with Hockings pleading guilty in court his week to wilfully making unnecessary noise, as well as dangerous operation of a vehicle and driving without a licence.

Magistrate Anne Thacker went through Hockings’ shocking two page traffic record, which includes multiple speeding and driving defective vehicle entries.

“You are not mature enough to have a licence,” Ms Thacker told Hockings, fining him a total of $1250 and banning him from driving for 12 months.

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