Father in court after axe throwing

A YOUNG father hurled an axe into the door of his former girlfriend's house, in retaliation for her mother having waved a knife at him, a court has heard.

The 22-year-old yesterday pleaded guilty to breaching a domestic violence order and wilful damage.

Warwick police attended the home of the man's former girlfriend and also mother of his child on June 30, following a 000 call from the young woman's mother.

The Warwick Magistrates Court heard that despite the man being prohibited from having contact with his former partner, he had spent the night at her home and was planning to babysit while she went shopping.

When the woman's mother arrived at her daughter's home on the day in question, she became angry at the man's presence and directed him to leave.

The man refused, telling her the woman he had been invited by his former girlfriend and would not leave unless she asked him to do so.

Defence solicitor Geoff Hobson told the court the woman picked up a large butcher's knife and began to wave it towards the man, causing him to retreat and exit the residence.

In a fit of rage, the man picked up a block splitter from the nearby shed and hurled it towards the door, damaging it.

Police prosecutor Steve de Lissa said the act of throwing an axe was quite serious and asked for jail to be imposed on the man.

"Although no one was hurt, it's still somewhat of a wild act and quite concerning," he said.

The court heard the man was subject to a three-month suspended jail sentence at the time of this offending.

His criminal history is littered with similar offending and Mr Hobson yesterday conceded his client had "struck" his former girlfriend on a number of occasions.

Mr Hobson told Magistrate Graham Lee that this time the offending was of a slightly lesser nature, in that his client had not put his hands on the woman.

Mr Lee yesterday said he was finding it difficult to determine an appropriate sentence for the man and ordered he return at 9am today for sentencing.

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