Give a gift to Planet Earth

ENVIRONMENTAL foundation Planet Ark is asking all Australians to undertake some simple actions to reduce their environmental impact this festive season.

With consumption levels at their highest at the onset of the festive season, Planet Ark spokeswoman Rebecca Gilling said a few simple actions "can make a big difference to limiting your environmental impact".

Planet Ark has created the following rules of Christmas - a factsheet with simple tips about how to reduce waste over the holiday period.

  • Buy good-quality decorations that can be reused or make your own from reused materials.
  • Find gifts with a lower environmental impact, e.g. items with minimal packaging.
  • Use paper wrapping and reuse or recycle it afterwards.
  • Plan ahead to prevent food waste.
  • Compost or worm farm your unavoidable food scraps.
  • Recycle your food and drink packaging. Some recyclable items include glass bottles and jars, aluminium cans, foil trays and custard cartons.
  • Flatten aluminium cans, milk and juice cartons, and cardboard boxes to save space in your recycling bin.
  • If you're giving a battery-operated gift give a battery recharger too.
  • If you're giving or receiving electronic gifts this festive season find out how to recycle your old and unwanted electronics.
  • Where possible walk, ride a bike, use public transport or car pool.
  • If you choose a live Christmas tree this year, ask your council if they have a special Christmas tree collection, a mulching service or whether you can take the tree to your local recycling facility.

For more information, visit or call the Hotline on 1300733712.

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