May 2014

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IT’S more a question of how much than why not, according to the Save Our Shires action group.

Debate ramps up over benefits of fluoridation

"If the people of Stanthorpe do not want fluoride in their water why should we have it? It is easy..."

November 2013

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The Capella Peak Downs Shire De-amalgamation Committee members marched into the Community Cabinet to fight for their shire.

Capella locals fight for Peak Downs Shire

"Good work Enid! Queensland Local Government Alliance is right behind you - together we can make a..."

March 2013

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A NUMBER of staff at Rockhampton Regional Council are looking for jobs elsewhere in a bid to find stable employment.

De-amalgamation process puts stress on council workers

"Several points here, smaller councils need less employees on big salaries - could be why some top..."

February 2013

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THEIR goal is to re-empower the community by opening dialogue on local government reform.

Debate to fire up

"It is pleasing to see the level of interest in the future of Local Government. Registrations have come..."

January 2013

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IT HAS the authority to turn off the fluoride tap but the Southern Downs Regional Council does not consider it is a significant issue.

Council won't turn off fluoride

"The sufficient community concern has been expressed over many years - how come Council has not..."

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EIGHTEEN months after agreeing to set up and utilise social media networks Facebook and Twitter the Southern Downs Regional Council is yet to make a post.

Southern Downs council silent on the social media front

"Perhaps the councillors could be doing this seeing as they no longer have committee meetings to attend..."

December 2012

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THE ongoing Mexican stand-off between the Southern Downs Regional Council and Elbow Valley property owner Lindsay Madsen is one for the record books.

Council put an end to signing fence cheques

"As they say in the good book, by their fruits ye shall know them!"

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WHETHER it was an anxious wait or one that was cool, calm and collected, in the end the result was the same – the graduated 2012 Year 12s received their OPs.

Joyful sense of success

"Well done all students, you are a credit to this community and we wish you the very best in your..."

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November 2012

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LEGISLATIVE changes will restore local control of fluoride management across Queensland, 18 months after it was introduced into Warwick supplies.

Fluoride water treatment will be left up to local government

"This is a horribly wasteful exercise. Most fluoridated water goes down the plughole. Any government..."

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