April 2016

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Labor thinks the Northern Rivers could make money out of renewables

Opinion: Gas is gone but is anyone going to back wind?

"It is scaremongering because very senior members of the Coalition Government have come out and said..."

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FINLAND has come up with a Gonksi-like education model we are hoping to emulate

OPINION: Why are Finns so much smarter than us?

"There is a good article comparing teachers salaries on The Guardian Australia website: The Swiss pay..."

March 2016

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WHILE on holidays some 1,000 kms and over I found a lump in my breast that was not quite right.

Your letter: No breast service for out-of-towners

"Hey coco50 We try and run an opinions page every day except Mondays. Lately, we've been struggling to..."

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"If 76% of Australians already agree gay people should be able to marry each other, why do we need to hold a plebiscite on the issue?"

OPINION: Why are we voting on something 76% of us support?

"The figure of 76% was quoted in Monday night's Q&A; program by Michele Levine, CEO, Roy Morgan..."

February 2016

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HAVE you ever spoken to a Muslim? Met a refugee? Many of us haven’t.  I hadn’t, really, until becoming involved with a refugee group last year.

OPINION: Meet a Muslim, share a barbie

"Terry01 We simply sat down for the meeting because one of the women present had two young children and..."

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ON the first day of my overseas trip to Bali I visited a detention centre.

TRAVEL: My day at Bali detention centre

"Jon These brothers have been assessed as genuine refugees and are patiently awaiting a country to take..."

October 2015

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YOU may recall our story this week exposing a loop-hole which allowed our elected federal representatives to spend an extra $19 million on elections.

OPINION: Review of MPs entitlements welcome

"doctormusic Kevin Hogan has spent $124,502 since his election in 2013. Although he is yet to go through..."

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