How our former PMs are using taxpayer help even out of power

Story Published: 1 Jan 2018

AN audience with the Pope, a meeting with a foreign intelligence service, and VIP passage through airports are just some of...

Julia Gillard Politics Tony Abbott

Looking forward to this year's debates at Woodford

Story Published: 23 Aug 2017

This Coalition government has proved an embarrassing disappointment with so many issues needing urgent attention.

Bob Brown Bob Hawke Ian Lowe Julia Gillard Malcolm Turnbull Woodford Folk Festival

Praise for Gillard over abuse inquiry

Story Published: 1 Aug 2017

Julia Gillard established a royal commission into institutionalised sexual abuse of children

Child Abuse Julia Gillard

Debunking the climate change fraud

Story Published: 19 Jul 2017

ONCE more the State Government is determined to follow their predecessors (Gillard/Rudd) in their eagerness to perpetuate...

Al Gore Climate Change Julia Gillard Kevin Rudd Queensland Government

Getting the LNP back on track won't be easy

Story Published: 29 Jun 2017

SO NOW Christopher Pyne has come out and said the loony left are running the Liberal party.

Christopher Pyne Julia Gillard Kevin Rudd Liberal Party Malcolm Turnbull Marriage Plebiscite

The bizarre life of a Parliament House makeup artist

Story Published: 24 Jun 2017

WHEN Julia Gillard faced the media after being dumped as prime minister back in June 2013, it was a devastating moment for...

Editors Picks John Howard Julia Gillard Parliament House

It's payback time for the big banks

Story Published: 19 May 2017

WE ARE all being told that the big banks will pass onto their customers increased charges to offset the amount of the...

Australian Banking Industry Australian Banks Bank Levy Banks Julia Gillard Kevin Rudd

What next? The Wiggles and K Rudd?

Story Published: 1 Feb 2017

I WAS reading the list of recipients for Australia Day Awards and was stopped in my tracks.

Australia Day Awards Australian Politics Julia Gillard

Gillard says rape threats are normal for high-profile women

Story Published: 13 Oct 2016

Daily sexual and physical intimidation is par for the course for high profile women, Australia’s first female prime...

Julia Gillard Misogyny Rape Women

Labor boss George Wright quits to join BHP Billiton

Story Published: 30 Aug 2016

THE man behind Labor's 2016 election campaign, George Wright, has quit his post as ALP national secretary to take up a...

Bhp Billiton Bill Shorten Julia Gillard Kevin Rudd Labor