Column: Count to 183 and then calm down

Story Published: 2 Dec 2016

Research claims the average teenage girl fights with her mum every two days.

Caroline Hutchinson Column Teenage Girls Teenagers

Comment: When will teenage girls learn?

Story Published: 15 Oct 2016

Women complain about being treated as sexual objects, but can we expect differently when so many of us - and our daughters...

Buses Comment Fashion Sense Public Transport Role Models Teenage Girls

Gang of aggressive girls turn violent, face jail

Story Published: 25 Sep 2015

IT was mayhem in the street when a bunch of girls began a vicious fight inside Gladstone’s ANZ bank before spilling down...

Editors Picks Girl Fight Juvenile Justice Teenage Girls Teen Brawl

Teen rebels without a cause

Story Published: 27 Apr 2013

DON’T let long hair and lippy fool you: there is a new breed of criminal on the streets, and they’re no better than the...

Assaults Crime Drugs Queensland Police Teenage Girls

Stolen objects found in rooms

Story Published: 16 Jul 2012

TWO teenage girls have kick-started their criminal careers with a number of serious offences including fraud, burglary and...

Burglary Crime Fraud Stalking Teenage Girls

Man preyed on teen girls

Story Published: 12 Apr 2012

A YOUNG man with a mental disorder preyed on teenage girls and persuaded two of them to have sexual relations with him.

Facebook Maroochydore District Court Teenage Girls

A predator escapes jail time

Story Published: 5 Mar 2012

A 35-year-old man who offered to pay teenage girls for sex “should have been jailed”, but instead left court with a small...

Court Fine Jail Prostitution Soliciting Teenage Girls

Facebook sex fiend preys on girls

Story Published: 1 Feb 2012

A MAN procured young girls for sex via popular social networking site Facebook due to an "abnormal sexual interest in young...

Facebook Indecent Act Ipswich Magistrate Court Teenage Girls

Rage against the bullies

Story Published: 16 Mar 2011

A VIDEO of a bullied teenager getting his revenge has become an internet sensation and raised questions about bullying and...

Bullying Internet Schools Teenage Girls Viral Video

Petrol in pool harms teen girls

Story Published: 14 Feb 2011

3.15pm: THREE teenage girls were taken to hospital this afternoon after petrol was poured into a makeshift swimming...

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